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Pickup Lines - Free Pickup Lines

Pickup Lines .org is a website dedicated to a pretty simple concept: we collect pick up lines from our readers and present them free in a categorized and useful format here. Our collection of pickup lines is constantly growing and the site is updated frequently, so be sure to bookmark us.

If you're looking for the perfect pickup line to use next time you're at a bar or club, then you'll find something fun to try here. Whether you just want to be funny, or you're dying to actually meet someone but don't know what to say, you'll find the right words here. The best approach we've found is funny and light-hearted. But sometimes it's fun to just read some of the silly things that people have said in an attempt to pick someone up at a bar.

I've been to parties and social occasions where a number of us talked about some of the best, worst, and funniest lines we'd heard and/or used. You can use this site to start collecting anecdotes of your own.

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